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Nellcor Max-Fast Forehead Sensor

  • Nellcor Max-Fast Forehead Sensor
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Product Description

Offering a significant advancement in patient safety monitoring, the Max-Fast™ forehead sensor is part of the OxiMax™ pulse oximetry platform. The Max-Fast™ forehead sensor provides an effective monitoring option when digit sensors fail to obtain an SpO2 signal, and it detects changes in SpO2 notably earlier than digit sensors during poor perfusion conditions.

The Max-Fast™ sensor is more accurate than all other ear, nose and forehead sensors. It also has our industry-leading LoSat™ expanded accuracy range (60% to 100% SpO2) when used with Nellcor™ OxiMax™ pulse oximetry.

For use only with OxiMax compatible monitor, N65 or N600.

24 sensors per case.

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