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Spirometry Mouthpieces / Filters

SmartSense Mouthpieces for Midmark Spirometers
SAVE BIG! Generic disposable mouthpiece/filters for Brentwood Midmark IQ Mark and IQspiro PC-Based Spirometer. Designed to ensure accuracy and help prevent cross-contamination between patients. individually bagged.

Choose from 25 pieces per box, 100 pieces per box or bulk case of 300 pieces.

Equivalent to #2-100-0205
Item# 29-8050-025
Regular Price:$105.00
Sale Price:$69.00
Total Price:
EasyOne Spirettes for Frontline, Diagnostic and PC Spirometers
Disposable EasyOne breathing tubes. No calibration required, no cleaning, hygienic packaging, easy exchange, low cost.

For EasyOne models: Frontline, Diagnostic and PC Easy-On


50 spirettes per box, or choose the case of 200 and save!
Item# 2050
Regular Price:$115.00
Sale Price:$97.00
Total Price:
EasyOne Disposable Flow Tubes for Air Model Spirometer
Disposable flow tubes for the new EasyOne Air model.

Calibration-free with proven lifetime stability, Contact and resistance-free measurement, Outstanding accuracy and robustness, Patented technology

Packaged 50 per box, or buy the case of 200 and save!
Item# 5050
Regular Price:$125.00
Sale Price:$97.00
Total Price:
Welch Allyn Spiro Mouthpieces 720705 720706
Disposable flow sensor mouthpieces for Welch Allyn PC-Based system, and CP150

#720705 25 per box with calibration code $89.50

#720706 100 per box with calibration code $339.50
Item# 720-
Regular Price:$98.00
Sale Price:$89.50
Total Price:
Welch Allyn Spiro Mouthpieces 703418 703419
Disposable flow sensor mouthpieces for Welch Allyn SpiroPerfect, and CP200

#703418 25 per box with calibration code $98.00

#703419 100 per box with calibration code $366.00
Item# 703-
Regular Price:$125.00
Sale Price:$98.00
Total Price:
QRS Vectracor SpiroCard and Orbit Disposable Mouthpieces
Pre-calibrated disposable mouthpieces for QRS Vectracor Orbit SpiroCard and Burdick spirometers. 100 per box.
Item# Z-5000-2608
Regular Price:$329.00
Sale Price:$259.00
Total Price:
AstraGuard Disposable Mouthpieces - Box/50
The SDI AstraGuard Bacterial/Viral Filter provides virtually perfect infection protection for expiratory and inspiratory spirometry testing. Its single-patient use greatly reduces costly and time-consuming disinfection procedures. For SDI Astra series spirometers. FO300.

This easy-to-use disposable mouthpiece incorporates a highly efficient woven filter that virtually eliminates cross-contamination from patient to patient and from patient to health care professional.

50 mouthpieces per box. Priced per box.
Item# 29-7990-050
Regular Price:$149.00
Sale Price:$111.00
Total Price:
AstraGuard Disposable Mouthpieces - Bulk
Disposable mouthpiece/filter for SDI Astra series spirometers. FO300. 300 mouthpieces per bulk case.
Item# 29-7990-300
Regular Price:$725.00
Sale Price:$589.00
Total Price:
FloSense II Sensors for Renaissance II and Simplicity
Highest quality generic brand. Box of 50 or Bulk case of 250. FS-II flow sensors for NPB-500 Simplicity spirometer and Renaissance II spirometer. No bar code.

Get them while they last!! Scheduled to be discontinued at the end of this year.

Box of 50 for $147.00, or Bulk Case for $647.00.
Item# 29-8040-
Total Price:
Disposable ScoutTubes for Schiller Scout Spirometer
SpiroScout disposable flow tubes. Carbon neutral.

Choose from box of 50 or case of 200 pieces. Individually wrapped
Item# 2-100983
Regular Price:$139.00
Sale Price:$106.00
Total Price:
Schiller Spirometer Mouthpieces for AT-2, SP-150/250 and AT-10 (2.100077)
Spirometry disposable mouthpieces for Schiller, SP-1 and SP-10 and AT-2 Plus Combo, SP 150/250, AT-10. 10 sensors per box.
Item# 2-100077
Regular Price:$39.00
Sale Price:$29.85
Total Price:
Schiller/Welch Allyn SP-2 Mouthpieces (2.100118)
Schiller disposable mouthpieces for SP-2 Spirometer, 10 per box.
Item# 2-100118
Regular Price:$53.00
Sale Price:$39.85
Total Price:
Bacterial Viral Filter Mouthpieces for Midmark IQSpiro Spirometer from $72
Disposable Spirometer Mouthpiece for Midmark IQspiro® Spirometer. Same as Midmark (2-100-1205) but NEW with Bacterial Viral Filter. SDI's Pulmoguard IQ disposable mouthpiece is designed for use with Midmark IQspiro® devices to help prevent cross-contamination between patients and ensure accuracy at a great value.

Packaged 25/BX, 100/BX, or 300/BX. Priced per Box. Compare and Save.

    - 29-3102-025 25/bx $ 72.00
      - 29-3102-100 100/bx $259.00
        - 29-3102-300 300/bx $691.00

      See "Options" above for packaging selection.
Item# 29-3102-
Regular Price:$95.00
Sale Price:$72.00
Total Price:
QRS VB Filter for Orbit Spirometer
Viral filtration efficiency: > 99.99%. Tested specifically with the Orbit™ Spirometer Pre-Calibrated Mouthpieces. The VB Filter for Orbit™ Spirometer provides a high degree of protection for the patient as well as your testing equipment, while its low resistance allows for accurate testing results. 100 filters per box.
Item# 724100
Regular Price:$210.00
Sale Price:$179.00
Total Price:
Spirometry Mouthpieces / Filters
Disposable mouthpieces for all models, EasyOne, Spirolab, Schiller and all others, even discontinued Nellcor styles.
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