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Spirometry Mouthpieces / Filters

SmartSense Mouthpieces for Midmark Spirometers
SAVE BIG! Generic disposable mouthpiece/filters for Brentwood Midmark IQ Mark and IQspiro PC-Based Spirometer. Designed to ensure accuracy and help prevent cross-contamination between patients. individually bagged.

Choose from 25 pieces per box, 100 pieces per box or bulk case of 300 pieces.

Equivalent to #2-100-0205
Item# 29-8050-025
Regular Price:$105.00
Sale Price:$69.00
Total Price:
EasyOne Spirettes for Frontline, Diagnostic and PC Spirometers
Disposable EasyOne breathing tubes. No calibration required, no cleaning, hygienic packaging, easy exchange, low cost.

For EasyOne models: Frontline, Diagnostic and PC Easy-On


50 spirettes per box, or choose the case of 200 and save!
Item# 2050
Regular Price:$115.00
Sale Price:$97.00
Total Price:
EasyOne Disposable Flow Tubes for Air Model Spirometer
Disposable flow tubes for the new EasyOne Air model.

Calibration-free with proven lifetime stability, Contact and resistance-free measurement, Outstanding accuracy and robustness, Patented technology

Packaged 50 per box, or buy the case of 200 and save!
Item# 5050
Regular Price:$135.00
Sale Price:$109.00
Total Price:
Welch Allyn Spiro Mouthpieces 720705 720706
Disposable flow sensor mouthpieces for Welch Allyn PC-Based system, and CP150

#720705 25 per box with calibration code $89.50

#720706 100 per box with calibration code $339.50
Item# 720-
Regular Price:$98.00
Sale Price:$89.50
Total Price:
Welch Allyn Spiro Mouthpieces 703418 703419
Disposable flow sensor mouthpieces for Welch Allyn SpiroPerfect, and CP200

#703418 25 per box with calibration code $98.00

#703419 100 per box with calibration code $366.00
Item# 703-
Regular Price:$125.00
Sale Price:$98.00
Total Price:
QRS Vectracor SpiroCard and Orbit Disposable Mouthpieces
Pre-calibrated disposable mouthpieces for QRS Vectracor Orbit SpiroCard and Burdick spirometers. 100 per box.
Item# Z-5000-2608
Regular Price:$329.00
Sale Price:$259.00
Total Price:
AstraGuard Disposable Mouthpieces - Box/50
The SDI AstraGuard Bacterial/Viral Filter provides virtually perfect infection protection for expiratory and inspiratory spirometry testing. Its single-patient use greatly reduces costly and time-consuming disinfection procedures. For SDI Astra series spirometers. FO300.

This easy-to-use disposable mouthpiece incorporates a highly efficient woven filter that virtually eliminates cross-contamination from patient to patient and from patient to health care professional.

50 mouthpieces per box. Priced per box.
Item# 29-7990-050
Regular Price:$149.00
Sale Price:$111.00
Total Price:
AstraGuard Disposable Mouthpieces - Bulk
Disposable mouthpiece/filter for SDI Astra series spirometers. FO300. 300 mouthpieces per bulk case.
Item# 29-7990-300
Regular Price:$725.00
Sale Price:$589.00
Total Price:
FloSense II Sensors for Renaissance II and Simplicity

Highest quality generic brand. Box of 50 or Bulk case of 250. FS-II flow sensors for NPB-500 Simplicity spirometer and Renaissance II spirometer. No bar code.

Get them while they last!! Scheduled to be discontinued at the end of this year.

Box of 50 for $147.00, or Bulk Case for $647.00.
Item# 29-8040-
This item is currently out of stock! See Below
Disposable ScoutTubes for Schiller Scout Spirometer
SpiroScout disposable flow tubes. Carbon neutral.

Choose from box of 50 or case of 200 pieces. Individually wrapped
Item# 2-100983
Regular Price:$139.00
Sale Price:$106.00
Total Price:
Schiller Spirometer Mouthpieces for AT-2, SP-150/250 and AT-10 (2.100077)
Spirometry disposable mouthpieces for Schiller, SP-1 and SP-10 and AT-2 Plus Combo, SP 150/250, AT-10. 10 sensors per box.
Item# 2-100077
Regular Price:$39.00
Sale Price:$29.85
Total Price:
Schiller/Welch Allyn SP-2 Mouthpieces (2.100118)
Schiller disposable mouthpieces for SP-2 Spirometer, 10 per box.
Item# 2-100118
Regular Price:$53.00
Sale Price:$39.85
Total Price:
Bacterial Viral Filter Mouthpieces for Midmark IQSpiro Spirometer from $72
Disposable Spirometer Mouthpiece for Midmark IQspiro® Spirometer. Same as Midmark (2-100-1205) but NEW with Bacterial Viral Filter. SDI's Pulmoguard IQ disposable mouthpiece is designed for use with Midmark IQspiro® devices to help prevent cross-contamination between patients and ensure accuracy at a great value.

Packaged 25/BX, 100/BX, or 300/BX. Priced per Box. Compare and Save.

    - 29-3102-025 25/bx $ 72.00
      - 29-3102-100 100/bx $259.00
        - 29-3102-300 300/bx $691.00

      See "Options" above for packaging selection.
Item# 29-3102-
Regular Price:$95.00
Sale Price:$72.00
Total Price:
QRS VB Filter for Orbit Spirometer
Viral filtration efficiency: > 99.99%. Tested specifically with the Orbit™ Spirometer Pre-Calibrated Mouthpieces. The VB Filter for Orbit™ Spirometer provides a high degree of protection for the patient as well as your testing equipment, while its low resistance allows for accurate testing results. 100 filters per box.
Item# 724100
Regular Price:$210.00
Sale Price:$179.00
Total Price:
Spirometry Mouthpieces / Filters
Disposable mouthpieces for all models, EasyOne, Spirolab, Schiller and all others, even discontinued Nellcor styles.
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