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Resting Snap Electrodes

New! Dealmed Snap Multi-Purpose Electrode, only $62.95 per case!
Our best deal on multi-purpose snap monitoring ECG electrodes. Quality Dealmed brand you can trust. Only $62.95 per case. Our Best Seller!
Our best deal on multi-purpose snap monitoring ECG electrodes. Quality Dealmed brand you can trust.

Solid gel, foam construction. Convenient 1-3/8" x 1-1/2" size. Easy pull tab for quick removal. Great for any number of procedures....resting, echo, monitoring, stress testing. Excellent adhesion and trace quality.

50 electrodes per bag, 10 bags (500 electrodes) per case. Priced by the case.
Item# 782150
Regular Price:$92.00
Sale Price:$62.95
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Cardinal/Kendall Medi-Trace Mini 100 Snap Electrode
The Kendall Medi-Trace Mini is an excellent choice for diagnostic ECG applications when a snap design is preferred. Solid adhesive gel - no messy cleanup. Metal snap design, smaller teardrop shape and thin foam for clear tracings. Latex-free and compatible with all machines.

10 electrodes per sheet, 100 electrodes per bag, 10 bags (1000) per case. Priced per case.
Item# 31118733
Regular Price:$245.00
Sale Price:$208.95
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2228 3M Multi-Purpose Snap EKG Electrode
3M MULTI-PURPOSE FOAM MONITORING EKG ELECTRODE (2228) (ET2228). Best multi-purpose electrode for your most demanding applications. Ideally suited for cardiology and EKG procedures, emergency room, operating room, and diagnostic stress testing applications.

  • Size: 1.57" x 1.3"
  • Fluid resistant foam backing
  • Adhesive foam-tape backing
  • Proprietary sticky gel for excellent adhesion
  • 30 day open bag freshness guarantee
  • Clinically tested to provide efficient performance for up to three days
  • Multi-purpose and versatile

  • Packaged: 50/BG, 20BG/CS (1000). Priced per case.
    Item# 2228
    Regular Price:$155.00
    Sale Price:$123.09
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    Vermed Resting Foam Electrode A10009-100F
    VERMED RESTING FOAM EKG ELECTRODES (A10009-100F) - SilveRest™ Disposable foam Electrode for Resting ECGs and Echo Sound. Latex Free! Silver/Silver Chloride. Aggressive, yet gentle adhesive. High chloride content for quick, accurate and reliable readings. Lift tab for easy removal. Pregelled with wet gel. Can be defibrillated. Size: 1-3/8" diameter.

    100 electrodes per pack, 10 packs (1000 electrodes) per case. Priced per case.
    Item# A10009-100F
    Regular Price:$200.00
    Sale Price:$189.00
    Total Price:
    Rectangular Resting Snap Electrode - Harris
    DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER. Please use Kendall 31118733 as substitute.

    Our most economical resting snap electrode. Perfect for all resting and echo applications. Small foam design allows for easy placement. Wet conductive gel and sturdy snap for solid tracings. Latex-free and compatible with all machines. 1-3/4 inch x 7/8 inch.

    10 electrodes per pouch, 10 pouches(100)per box, 10 boxes(1000) per case.
    Resting snap electrodes are used in routine EKG tests, as well as Echo testing or any short term situation in which the patient is relatively stationary. Universal snap button on the electrode connects with snap or pinch connectors at end of patient leadwires.
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