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Stress Test Systems

Quinton Q-Stress Test Systems
Quinton Q-Stress cardiac stress testing system.

The Quinton Q-Stress is the industry's gold standard. The premier cardiac stress test system, winner of multiple awards (most recently Frost & Sullivan's Market Engineering Award) is now in its ninth generation.
GE Case Stress Test Systems
Choose a stress system from industry leader GE. CASE Value systems offer traditional stress setup, while CardioSoft offers economical PC-based functionality.
Cardiostress PC-based Stress System
Computer-based stress testing. Turn your computer into a sophisticated diagnostic tool. Software from $3195.00.

Complete system with treadmill $8470.00

Complete system with recumbent bike $6795.00
Schiller Stress Testing Systems
Schiller is a leader in high-tech affordable stress testing. In use all over the world.

Complete brand new systems including treadmill from under $16,000!
Disposable Stress Test Belts $4.49 each!
A patient-friendly and cost effective solution to cleaning reusable belts between tests.

- Eliminates cross contamination for patients and protects technicians and staff
Add in-office Stress Testing to your roster of services. State-of-the-art systems by Quinton, GE Marquette, Schiller and CardioStress and other major brands can take your practice to the next level.

Choose from traditional standalone stress testing or new computer-based PC systems that integrate a treadmill with stress software and the power of a PC.

Cardiology Shop offers discount pricing and in-office setup on most models. Promo Pricing Available!

Trust the Stress Experts at Cardiology Shop to work with you to find the right system to fit your needs.
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