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Disposable Electrodes

EKG Tab Electrodes
Compatible with all machines. Major brands like Covidien/Kendall, Nikotab, GE, Burdick, HeartTrace, Conmed, 3M and more.

From $17.20 per box.
Resting Snap Electrodes
Resting snap electrodes are used in routine EKG tests, as well as Echo testing or any short term situation in which the patient is relatively stationary. Universal snap button on the electrode connects with snap or pinch connectors at end of patient leadwires.
Monitoring Snap Electrodes
These monitoring electrodes are engineered to perform under rigorous conditions. Recommended for Stress, Holter, Cardiac Rehab and other procedures. ConMed, Kendall, 3M, Nikomed and other brands. Try our Best Seller, the Heart Trace electrode, premium quality ON SALE FOR $119.00
Cardiology Shop specializes in convenient and economical disposable electrodes from major manufacturers. Choose from famous names like Kendall, Conmed, HeartTrace, 3M, Cardinal/Kendall, Nikomed and many others.
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