Cardio-Stress System

Cardio-Stress System
Item# cardiostress

Product Description

All the features of the Cardio-Resting EKG above, plus complete stress capability.

Runs numerous treadmills, Trackmaster, Parker and many more. Built-in controls. More built-in and custom real-time exercise test protocols than any other system, e.g. Bruce, Naughton and 10 custom, with up to 40 phases each.

On-screen information includes: phase time, total time, speed, grade (or watts,) target HR, ST levels and slopes for all leads, BP, METs, resting and current 6 sec median beats for all leads, etc.

Automatic REAL-TIME during test printing, annotations, BP prompts, interpretations. Storage to Cardio-DB database and EMR. Full integration into other modules, or stand-alone. Database allows view and print of all phases and their specific annotations, diagnostics and blood pressures; print at any stage, strip or entire test full disclosure.

Includes all software, patient cable and clips (no batteries needed,) stress belt, users manual, built-in systen help, unlimited telephone support and training.