Cardio-Holter System

Cardio-Holter System

Product Description

Holter system can be intergrated with other modules or stand-alone. Uses same Cardio-DB database and EMR Electronic Medical Record formats. Digital flash recording.

Automatic analysis: retrospective and prospective. Allows changing of analysis classification criteria by user while in database. Full disclosure and summary printing and viewing on screen of all data.

Reports to screen and/or printer: Summary of test with demographics, HR values, ST values, HRV calculations, # abnormals, etc. 10 sec calibrated page for any selected event. Autoscroll playback to scan entire test. Color coded abnormal beats. VE tables and graphs. Event/episode reports. Hourly HR, ST, VE tables. R-R dispersion graphs, ST graphs, ST severity table, and much more.

Includes all software, 1 Flash digital recorder with cable and pouch, users manuals, built-in help on system, unlimited telephone support and training.