Cardio-Resting EKG

Cardio-Resting EKG

Product Description

Interpretive 12-lead ECG acquisition with REAL-TIME monitoring capability.

Utilizes Cardio-DB patient database and EMR-Chart, a high-end user editable pick list for physical exams, ROS, meds, CPTs, histories, etc. for instant database storage and retrieval.

Print on standard printer while monitoring, simple single button monitoring, printing, storage to database. Full narrative interpretations, full measurements, pacemaker option, transmission by fax, internet, etc; overreading from remote sites!

Easy upgrades to Stress, Holter, Vital Signs. Export to standard file formats, on-screen scrolling through data, most powerful serial historical comparisons available.

Laptop with PCMCIA or desktop compatible. No batteries needed to run patient cable. Includes software, patient cable, all users manuals, 100 pages of help built-in to system, unlimited free telephone support and training.