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Trends in EKG Machine Technology

EKG machine technology isn’t extremely complex and went mostly unchanged for many decades. Its ease of use made it staple diagnostic tool in hospitals and doctor’s offices across the world.

EKGs read the electrical signals of the heart and determine damage, arrhythmia and many other cardiac problems. It’s an invaluable tool and has gained even more importance in recent years.

The technical revolution of the past decade led to many improvements and additional versatility for the machines. We’ll go over the most important trends and improvements in EKG machines and how they’re helping doctors save lives.

Cell Phone Functionality

Everyone carries a cell phone with them. They use it to check their email, search for local restaurants and now examine EKG readings.

One of the most difficult aspects of EKG monitoring is having the doctor see the results when he’s at home or somewhere else in the hospital. They can’t be everywhere at once, but they can check their cell phone.

Today’s advanced EKG machines can send the readings directly to a cell phone, so the doctor can look at it no matter if he’s at home, the grocery store or in another wing of the hospital. These has the potential to greatly improve the response times for doctors since they no longer have to wait until they are by the patient’s bedside.

Wireless Connectivity

Do you want to control the EKG from your cell phone? There’s an app for that. The Internet of Things is the concept that technical items are controlled from a cell phone or other wireless device through an app.

In addition to home security systems, refrigerators and crock pots, there are EKG’s available for wireless connectivity. It’s not just the machine itself, but lead wires also connect wireless to the machines.

One of the biggest problems with wired lead wires is their tendency to pull and get caught when a patient moves. This causes them to dislodge or loosen making EKG reading difficult. The freedom offered from wireless lead wires is wonderful and can make stress tests much easier.

Cloud Management

The problem with many data storage systems is their located in one place. It could be a separate limited storage unit attached to the EKG machine. If you’re lucky, there’s a server in the hospital collecting the data and keeping it safe.

For some patients, seeing how their EKG results change over long periods of time is an important of their treatment. Unfortunately, if you wanted to see these files, you had to be connected to the hospital network.

Cloud based systems allow for retrieval of data at any time and any place. A doctor could be on vacation when something happens with a patient. He can look at current and past EKG readings and give his recommendation while sitting in hotel room.

Today’s cloud systems are super secure and provide the flexibility needed by modern doctors and hospitals. It’s important to invest in modern EKG systems because it helps with patient diagnosis and treatment.

Longer Training Times for EKG Machines

Not every advance in EKG machines for sale is a good thing. There is a price to pay for all these technical advances, new testing modes and more. You’ll need to invest more time in training your employees on the proper use.

Traditional EKG machines were simple to use and had limited testing abilities. The more advanced machines of today have a multitude of new modes and extras that need more time to understand. The amount of time needed depends on all the bells and whistles on the machine.

Standardization of EKG Files

One of the best advancements in EKG technology was the ability to save digital files instead of just reading the chart paper. It gave doctors the ability to read the information on their laptops or other computer. The files could be sent from one doctor to another via email.

The problem is there is no standardization for ECG files.  The files are gifs, jpegs, PDFs and many other different file types. When it comes to opening and transferring the files, the format can make it difficult for some doctors who may prefer a PDF that is more easily manipulated than a picture such as a jpeg.

EKG Machines Technology For Less

It’s important to know what technological advances are out there for EKG Machines. If you’re interested in learning more about EKG technologies, then feel free to read our other articles.


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