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What To Look For When Buying An EKG Machine?

EKG machines are common medical tests used in hospitals and doctor’s offices all over the world. They’re in major cities and small rural towns. Doctors count on these machines to help diagnose heart problems, but what should look for if you’re buying an EKG machine?

Using a machine and buying one are two different prospects. A doctor can use an EKG machine masterfully but choosing one from a list of hundreds can be difficult. You might want to just buy the same make and model as before, but with the technological advances you could miss out on many great new features.

Buying an EKG Machine? What’s Your Budget?

There’s a considerable difference in EKG machine prices depending on what they do, portability and more. Before you start looking, consider the budget you must work with. If you’re a small hospital in a rural town, then you might want a less expensive one since it won’t be used as often as other tests.

If you in a large city or a specialist’s office, then you’ll want something more robust since it’s used frequently and is needed for various tests. An average EKG machine can cost around $2,000. This can handle most issues and be portable enough to move from room to room in hospitals, etc.

That said, they can run higher, especially if you’re doing stress tests and require the additional treadmill. Since EKG machines aren’t replaced that often much could have changed since you last bought one and the price you paid then could be more now.

Do a little research and decide on a budget, it’ll make it easier to shop because you’ll know you maximum.

What Do You Need?

There are EKG machines out there will lots of bells and whistles and provide more information than just electrical impulse reading. If the machine isn’t used much or only need basic functions, then choose the ones that fit your needs.

Would digital reading be great or having information sent to your cell phone? Do you need wireless capability because you’re working in an ER and don’t want to worry about all those EKG lead wires? There are many different types of EKG from the amount of lead wires to the things they can detect.

Examine how robust your new EKG machine needs to be and look for the ones that fit those needs. You need to take this into account when determining budget, so you have a realistic expectation. You can’t get a state-of-the-art EKG on a small budget.

Don’t Trust The Reps…Completely

Many hospitals and doctor’s offices have industry reps that help then find medical instruments and testing supplies. They’re goal is to sell them something from their company. You’ve worked with them for a long time, but you’ll want to shop around for something like an EKG machine.

You might find the exact same machine the rep was trying to sell you for much less at an online outlet. You’re inundated with company sales pitches in the form of reps, direct mail and even medical journals. Internet companies such as Cardiology Shop provide a wide selection and great customer service. We’ll help you find everything you need. When your industry rep makes a suggestion, you can trust him, but take the time to do some comparisons before buying from him.

Don’t Forget About Accessories

The price of an EKG machine is usually just for the machine and maybe some accessories. You might get lead wires and some paper, but those won’t last long. You’ll want to purchase more and that will add to the overall cost.

If it isn’t replacing an old one, then you’ll likely need a cart to haul it around from place to place. There are many accessories that you should consider using to expand the use and abilities of your new EKG machine.

Your New EKG Machine Is A Click Away

When you’re thinking about buying an EKG machine, take these steps into account and you’ll end up with the perfect one you need. With so many choices available, it’s important to research and make sure you’re getting what you and your patients want.

If you want to learn more about EKG machines or what we have to offer then explore our site.

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