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Schiller AT-1 Veterinary EKG

  • Schiller AT-1 Veterinary EKG
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Schiller AT-1-VET is a worldwide leader in animal ECG. Easy to use function keys; convenient 3.5 inch z-fold print paper; AC power or rechargeable battery power options standard.

Advanced Schiller analysis software suitable for dogs and most other mammals. Many vets are still not accustomed to three-dimensional examination of ECGs and therefore still determine time intervals on individual leads, mainly on Lead II. Schiller calculates the global QRS complex by taking the first onset in any lead and the last offset in any lead, of all recorded leads. Summary of measurement results therefore indicates longer values in the global QRS complex than those measured in individual leads.

Accurate measurements on high heart rates (300 bpm)

Includes power cord, 4/6 lead pinchclamp/grabber cable, paper pack, ops manuals. Three year factory warranty - new equipment. NOTE: MAY TAKE UP TO THREE WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.

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