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Nihon Kohden Veterinary EKG

  • Nihon Kohden Veterinary EKG
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Product Description

The Model ECG-9020-V is a portable, compact and lightweight animal ECG recorder.

Bright waveform preview display

Key measurement calculations

Custom analysis program for dogs and cats

AC and rechargeable battery operation

Includes the QP-992E Animal ECG Software built in and is designed for most mammals, with ECG analysis for dogs and cats. It's easy to use and can be a valuable aid in diagnosis. Simultaneous 6-lead acquisition and analysis with 56 findings and 4 judgment categories.

Easy operation. Just press buttons to change settings such as kind, size and body type. Weighs less than 6 lbs.

Includes AC cord, internal rechargeable battery, 4-lead custom animal pinch-grabber ECG cable, thermal head cleaner pen, recording paper pack, and operators info. Two year factory warranty - new equipment.

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