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Philips TC30 PageWriter EKG Machine
PHILIPS PAGEWRITER TC30 EKG MACHINE (860306/A02) - ECGs in touch with you!

  • • Advanced, yet easy to use, the PageWriter TC30 offers speed of operation in an attractive and affordable solution that can grow with you as your workflow evolves

  • • Expect fast, efficient clinical workflow, combined with reliable operation for you and your patients

  • • The PageWriter TC30 provides advanced tools to enhance workflow and support clinical decisions

  • • All PageWriter TC cardiographs include the clinical excellence of the DXL ECG Algorithm which is built upon over 45 years of research and experience

  • • High-performance that is cost-effective

  • • Trident 3-in-1 chest leads reduce tangling and lead reversals

  • • The anatomical patient interface module mirrors the body, so clinicians can quickly connect the correct leads and quickly identify poor or missing electrode connections via color-coded traces and Lead Map

  • • The high-resolution color display allows quick preview of the ECG report before printing

  • • Again, high-performance that is cost-effective from Philips

    Price includes Components: TC30 Philips ECG Machine #860306/A02, Interpretive Algorithm #860306/D03, and required Digital PIM 12 Lead Patient Cable #860306/H21.

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  • Item# 860306-A02
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    Sale Price:$6,519.00
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    Philips TC50 Pagewriter EKG Machine
    PageWriter TC50 EKG Machine

    The Philips PageWriter TC50 cardiograph is an advanced, reliable, and compact ECG solution, that is easy to use. The TC50 will help you meet your daily demands, giving you time to focus on your patients.

    Features: Visual guidance to simplify ECGs With the PageWriter TC50 cardiograph, each button lights in sequence, prompting you to take an ECG as easily as 1-2-3. The large, 10" touchscreen further streamlines ECGs.

    Philips DXL 16-Lead ECG Algorithm expands diagnostic capabilities Philips DXL 16-Lead ECG Algorithm provides industry-leading ECG interpretations and a suite of advanced STEMI diagnostic aids to provide an interpretation of rhythm and morphology for a wide variety of patient populations. It includes: Critical Values, ST Maps, and culprit artery identification.

    Advanced bidirectional network communication for secure connection Because it’s built on a standard platform, PageWriter TC50 fits seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure. So you’re always connected, without being locked in. It delivers secure, wireless connectivity via standard LAN protocols to protect the privacy of patient, staff, and financial information.

    Automated reporting sequence saves time The high performance PageWriter TC50 cardiograph features an automated ECG report sequence with integrated wireless transfer of ECGs to streamline your workflow.

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    Item# 860310-A02
    Regular Price:$13,750.00
    Sale Price:$11,199.00
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    Philips TC70 Pagewriter EKG Machine from $14,198
    PHILIPS PAGEWRITER TC70 EKG MACHINE (860315) - The Philips PageWriter TC70 cardiograph is designed to meet high-volume ECG demands, where the going is rough but quality is critical.

  • • A high-resolution 15 inch touchscreen clearly displays up to 10 seconds and 16 leads, color-coded for signal quality

  • • Advanced, yet easy to use, and with the PageWriter TC70 cardiograph, each button lights in sequence, simply prompting you to take an ECG as easily as 1-2-3

  • • 3-in-1 Trident lead wires minimize tangling

  • • Marks cardiac events for later review and anatomic patient interface module supports correct lead placement

  • • Strong wireless security toolset 802.11(i), WPA2

  • • Integrated interpretation on up to 16 leads, Advanced STEMI clinical decision support tools

  • • Previous ECGs at the bedside for immediate comparison

    See "Options" above for Standard or Wireless choices.

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  • Item# 860315-A02
    Regular Price:$16,750.00
    Sale Price:$14,198.00
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    PHILIPS PAGEWRITER TC30 (860603), TC50 (860310), TC70 (860315) EKG MACHINES

    Each of these machines help streamline workflow and improve productivity for doctors and technicians. They provide a needed balance between quality care and price reduction. They have numerous features and diagnostic capabilities to help cardiac patients.
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