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New! GE MAC 5 EKG Machine

  • New! GE MAC 5 EKG Machine
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Product Description

New! The MAC 5 replaces the MAC2000 as the new member of the GE family. The perfect economical choice for all application.


8.9-inch touchscreen Smart Lead technology - Automatically detect when a lead has become disconnected Auto-ECG3 algorithm - Immediately capture and display the first clean, high-quality ECG

Enhanced Hookup Advisorô: Even the newest user can be guided to a clean, high-quality waveform in just seconds Over 200 scientific references - Marquette 12SL has been validated extensively against clinically - correlated databases for accuracy Full Disclosure - Accelerate reading and review with a condensed full-disclosure rhythm report capable of reducing 30 pages to three Optimal mobility - MAC 5's convenient carry handle and compact design make it easy to move around your facility and between locations

Built-in PDF/XML export support - In just a few clicks, send data in your preferred format to a shared folder or SFTP destination of your choice Advanced algorithms - Handle more complex patient cases through access to algorithms such as Critical Values and Acute Coronary Syndrome Analysis

Gender and pediatric specific interpretations - 12SL has been shown to provide a 25% relative improvement in detection of Acute Inferior MI in women under 60 years of age

3 year factory parts and labor warranty - new equipment. Includes all cables, cords, leadwires, clips, manuals

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