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Product Description

Edan SE-1515 DX12 PC-based ECG Device. Simultaneous 12 leads acquisition and recording, economical solution for 12 channel ECG. Blue-tooth transmission between sampling and recording box enables patients to go wireless during a test. Has auto / manual measurement and interpretation with unlimited storage. Also ECG Signal Quality indicator, ECG reports compression and lead reversal function.

Main Features:

  • - Powerful software with comprehensive functions
  • - 9/12/15/16/18-lead ECG configurable
  • - DE15/DE18 sampling box with convenient sampling button and signal quality indicator
  • - Multi-user Permission Configuration
  • - Enhanced powerful technical specifications provides reliable signal quality
  • - Lead reversal function to easily rectify wrong placement of electrodes
  • - Auto arrhythmia detection highlights the arrhythmia part on ECG traces automatically
  • - Event marker enables you to take notes anytime during sampling
  • - Feature description offers you more confidence for the diagnosis conclusion
  • - Reports comparison provides you an easy way of comparing ECG traces
  • - Stress test function (Optional)
  • - Handy DX12 12-lead Wireless sampling box/Cost-effective DP12 12-lead Wired Sampling box/ Advanced DE18
  • - 18-lead Wired sampling box (Optional)

Data Management System:
  • - Support all EDAN ECGs except SE-1/100
  • - Bi-directional communication with ECGs
  • - Multi-user Permission Configuration
  • - Worklist support
  • - Patient information and ECG data management
  • - ECG reports printing on A4 paper
  • - Massive data sharing and management solution
  • - Multi-format reports transferrable via Email
  • - Support multi-format reports: XML/SCP/DICOM/PDF/JPG/BMP/TIF/PNG

Comes with Standard Accessories:
  • - DX12 ECG Sampling Box
  • - ECG Receiving Box
  • - ECG Cable with 4mm Banana lead ends
  • - Resting Tab Electrodes (100)
  • - 10 Universal Adapter Clips
  • - USB Connection Cable (to connect receiver box)
  • - SE-1515 PC ECG Software CD
  • - Carry Bag, (2) AA Batteries, PC ECG User Manual, ECG Quick Reference Card, and Software Installation Guide

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