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The Edan SE-1200 Basic Machine boasts exceptional cost performance with both accurate clinical performance as well as user-friendly design.
The Edan SE-1200 Basic Machine boasts exceptional cost performance with both accurate clinical performance as well as user-friendly design. It is equipped with a comprehensive Alphanumeric keyboard as well as a practical one-touch operation with both age and gender shortcuts. It features an 8″ LCD display for the optimal examination of results, and sleep mode to lengthen LCD life as well as conserve energy. The Edan SE-1200 is outfitted with a built-in, rechargeable Li-on battery, and WIFI capability to transmit data.

To assist in your diagnosis, the Edan SE-1200 has 120 second real-time ECG waveforms freezing and review, as well as the ability to extend printing once an arrhythmia is detected. The Edan SE-1200 also is equipped with automatic measurements and interpretation tested by the CSE/AHA/MIT database.

The Edan SE-1200 has the ability to record twelve ECG traces and print these records with a built-in high-resolution thermal printer on both normal thermal paper and A4 size fax paper.

This machine has an internal memory of 100 ECGs with an onboard PDF creator. Easily create reports to drag and drop into an EMR or use the optional SE-1515 PC software for additional data management.

    - Onboard PDF Creator
      - Alphanumeric Keyboard
        - One-Touch Operation
          - Built-In WiFi
            - LCD Display
              - Rechargeable Li-on Battery
                - Optional PC Software

                Ships complete with Patient Cable, Power Cord, Manuals, Resting Tab Electrodes, Adapter Lead Clips, ECG Chart Paper Roll, Rechargeable Lithium Battery, Fuse, User Guild for Interpretation, and Warranty Card.
Item# SE-1200
Regular Price:$2,295.00
Sale Price:$1,959.00
Total Price:
Edan SE-1515 DX12 PC-based ECG Device. Simultaneous 12 leads acquisition and recording, economical solution for 12 channel ECG. Blue-tooth transmission between sampling and recording box enables patients to go wireless during a test. Has auto / manual measurement and interpretation with unlimited storage. Also ECG Signal Quality indicator, ECG reports compression and lead reversal function.

Main Features:
  • - Powerful software with comprehensive functions
  • - 9/12/15/16/18-lead ECG configurable
  • - DE15/DE18 sampling box with convenient sampling button and signal quality indicator
  • - Multi-user Permission Configuration
  • - Enhanced powerful technical specifications provides reliable signal quality
  • - Lead reversal function to easily rectify wrong placement of electrodes
  • - Auto arrhythmia detection highlights the arrhythmia part on ECG traces automatically
  • - Event marker enables you to take notes anytime during sampling
  • - Feature description offers you more confidence for the diagnosis conclusion
  • - Reports comparison provides you an easy way of comparing ECG traces
  • - Stress test function (Optional)
  • - Handy DX12 12-lead Wireless sampling box/Cost-effective DP12 12-lead Wired Sampling box/ Advanced DE18
  • - 18-lead Wired sampling box (Optional)

Data Management System:
  • - Support all EDAN ECGs except SE-1/100
  • - Bi-directional communication with ECGs
  • - Multi-user Permission Configuration
  • - Worklist support
  • - Patient information and ECG data management
  • - ECG reports printing on A4 paper
  • - Massive data sharing and management solution
  • - Multi-format reports transferrable via Email
  • - Support multi-format reports: XML/SCP/DICOM/PDF/JPG/BMP/TIF/PNG

Comes with Standard Accessories:
  • - DX12 ECG Sampling Box
  • - ECG Receiving Box
  • - ECG Cable with 4mm Banana lead ends
  • - Resting Tab Electrodes (100)
  • - 10 Universal Adapter Clips
  • - USB Connection Cable (to connect receiver box)
  • - SE-1515 PC ECG Software CD
  • - Carry Bag, (2) AA Batteries, PC ECG User Manual, ECG Quick Reference Card, and Software Installation Guide
Item# SE-1515DX12
Regular Price:$1,895.00
Sale Price:$1,589.00
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Edan Interpretative SE-301 Portable 3-Channel ECG Machine. SE-301 is the new generation 3-channel ECG, which incorporates the benefits of the advanced technology and innovative design in an extremely compact and lightweight device. It is specifically developed for those who pursue superb portability without compromising on the quality for mobile environments. A variety of fantastic features are embodied in this amazing small unit, making it more than a basic 3 channel ECG. See "Options" for Standard or WIFI Models.

  • - Ultra-compact and lightweight design, about 2 pounds
  • - High resolution 5" color touch screen
  • - Comprehensive filters & anti-noise technology
  • - Enhanced powerful technical specifications provides reliable signal quality
  • - 12-lead simultaneous acquisition and display
  • - Support linear/2D barcode scanner
  • - Signal quality identification
  • - Long time sampling
  • - Large storage capacity
  • - Support USB flash disk and micro SD card to extend memory
  • - Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • - Bi-directional communication with SE-1515 Data Management System
  • - LAN/build-in Wi-Fi (optional) connections
  • - Multi-format reports export (optional)
  • - Support external printer via USB port
  • - Supports PDF and XML exporting for easy data transfer
Item# SE-301
Regular Price:$1,850.00
Sale Price:$1,519.00
Total Price:
Edan offers comprehensive resting ECG products, ranging from leading 18-lead workstation, professional PC-based workstation, to innovative tablet-based ECG, adapting to various requirements even in most demanding cardiac units.
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