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What are the Benefits of Portable and Standard EKG Machines?

They’re some of the most common medical equipment in hospitals, ambulances and doctor’s offices, but not all EKG machines are the same. As the world digitized, components got smaller and the introduction of portable EKG made heart monitoring easier, but what are the true benefits of these amazing machines.

What do EKG Machines Do?

Your heart beats at a regular rhythm created by electrical impulses sent by pacemaker cells in the upper right heart chamber. The EKG can read these impulses and show the heart rhythm on a graph.

The standard and portable EKG machine has 12 leads that read information from 12 different heart areas. Doctors can examine the heart rhythms as they happen or over time to diagnose and help treat cardiac issues.

Standard EKG Machines Have a Long History

The first EKG machines were created in the early part of the 20th century fast on the heels of chest X-rays. It was beginning of a medical technology revolution that saw doctors using both their education and technology to treat and diagnose medical problems.

It was initially used to help us understand the heart, it structure and its function. By the 1950s, it had become an important diagnostic instrument that eventually led to the modern 12-lead EKG.

As the decades rolled on, EKG machines became more sensitive and are indispensable in helping people with cardiac problems. Standard sized EKG machines are usually wheeled around hospitals rooms on carts for easy transportation.

Many can have either paper graphs created or can create and send a digital file via email. This allows doctors to read the heart rhythms anywhere. This can be lifesaving if a doctor isn’t on hand or on his way to the hospital.

The Rise of Portable EKG Machines

EKG machines were wonderful, but they were large. In places like ambulances where space is limited, it would be difficult to set up and operate one. There was a distinct need for portable EKG machines.

Technology in general was getting smaller and portable EKG machines began making their way into doctor’s offices and emergency medical vehicles. They gave doctors an easily storable and fast way to get readings.

The biggest downfall is many times portable EKG machines don’t have all the capabilities of the standard ones. Although, with the advent of wifi and Internet based technology, the EKG game is changing. Doctors are no longer tied down to the hospital room, but free to view results anywhere.


How Portable and Standard EKG Machines Differ?

Other than the size, there are several differences between portable and standard EKG machines. Standard EKG machines can take a constant reading for heart rhythm, but when doctors need to monitor for several hours or days, then they can’t have the patient just sit in the hospital.

Handheld EKG machines can read the information and store it for doctors. Some can even send a signal back to the hospital, so they can read it real time or notice any irregularities before the patient returns back with the results.

They’ll never replace standard EKG machines in hospitals because of their clarity and capabilities. The 12-lead EKG machine found in hospitals is still the more accurate tool to read hearth rhythms and outpaces portable versions. Although, technology is advancing quickly and who knows what the future holds.

What can EKG Machines Help Diagnose?

Since EKG machines can accurately read the heart rhythm, they are used in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous issues. They can help determine if a part of the heart is weakened following a cardiac incident. They can determine irregular heartbeat and pacemaker problems.

They can see how your body reacts to various medicines and if you’re having a heart attack. It’s a non-evasive method to examine the structure and performance of the heart.

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