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Top EKG Machines Accessories Every Hospital Must Have

There are many types and brands of EKG machines available, but each one isn’t a standalone unit. They need various EKG machine accessories to work at 100 percent.

Remember when you were a kid and received a toy, but it didn’t come with batteries. Don’t buy an EKG machine without purchasing an array of accessories. Even machines that come with everything need refills regularly, so check out these EKG machine accessories that every hospital and doctor’s office should have.

EKG Machine Chart Paper

While the world is going digital and many newer EKG machines can send results digitally, EKG machine chart paper isn’t going away. There are thousands of machines out there that only use chart paper and even digital machines use it because it’s easy to look at and understand where the problem area lies.

In hospital heart monitoring can last many hours and you’ll go through spool after spool of chart paper every day. If you’re hospital has a cardiac ward, then you’ll want to buy these in bulk. Each brand has its own unique chart paper, so make sure you choose the proper paper for the proper machine.

EKG Machine Lead Wires

When you connect the electrodes to the patient, the EKG lead wires transfer the information to the EKG machine, where it’s interpreted. The lead wires are separate from both the electrodes and the machine. There are various types and length available. For example, you’ll need longer wires for people doing a stress test on a treadmill.

You might think that you don’t need a regular supply of lead wires, but accidents happen. When you connect people with 12 leads, it’s a lot of wires. People like to move and turn, often pulling and tugging on the wires.

Over time, this can lead to the wires wearing out and not providing a good connection to either the electrode or the EKG machine. You’ll need to replace them when this happen. One good yank and you need to replace it.

Skin Prep Materials for EKG Machines

When conducting an EKG machine test, it’s important there is a good connection not only between the lead wires and the electrodes and the machine, but also with the electrodes and your skin. If there is something impeding the connection, the results won’t be accurate or be too weak to read.

If you have patients with body hair or who out of habit place lotion on their body, then these can interfere with the test. Skin prep materials such as razors and shave cream for body air and alcohol wipes for the lotion are as much a necessity as the lead wires a chart paper. You can’t risk their health because you don’t have a razor to shave a patch of hair on a patient’s chest.

Electrodes and Clips

The real stars of the EKG machine show are the electrodes. They’re the ones sensing the heart rhythm and the EKG machines interpret what they “hear.” For a standard EKG test, you use 12 electrodes and each one is connected to the lead wire via a special clip.

Electrodes are pretty standard, but there are many varieties of clips depending on the lead wire and electrode type. You’ll go through electrodes fast, so a steady supply of them is a necessity. You’ll want plenty of clips as well so you have them at arm’s reach.

Stress Test Belt

We talked about how the wires can be damaged easily, especially when using a treadmill, but a stress test belt can limit that. The belt allows the wires to be tucked into it, so they’re not just hanging loosely.

The best is a common accessory for stress tests and make the test easier for both the patient since the wires are tugging as they run and the doctor by allowing a good consistent connection.

Best Prices for EKG Accessories

You should always shop around for EKG machine accessories. We’re confident that we have the selection you want and the prices you need.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for lead wires or stress tests belts, we have everything and more. For more information about our extensive selection of EKG machine accessories, then click this link.



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