Cardio-Perfect PC Based EKG System

Cardio-Perfect PC Based EKG System
Item# C-PERF

Product Description

New! Record EKGs with your PC. Easy-to-use system outputs to your monitor and printer. The compact Cardio Perfect is a software driven, computer based 12 lead resting EKG system designed to easily connect to your IBM compatible computer.

Automatically stores, analyzes, averages, shows and prints the recorded ECG data.

- Interpretation software available

- Program facilitates real-time ECG viewing, permanent storage and retrieval

- Comprehensive EKG reports can be instantly printed on virtually any printer

- Select parameters, protocols, chart speed, gain and ST measurement

- Main screen displays ST deviations, ST trends, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure along with real-time ECG

- Complete with external EKG module, 12 lead patient cable, software and telephone support

- Three year warranty.