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QRS VectraCor Universal SmartECG
Overview for Vectracor Z-7000-0500 Universal SmartECG 12-Channel ECG

Perform resting ECG wherever or whenever with the Vectracor Universal SmartECG 12-Channel ECG. This Universal Smart ECG simplifies and fast tracks the ECG task without sacrificing the results.

Plug and Go Everything about the Universal SmartECG from the software, electrodes, electrode adapters, and lead placement guide is designed to allow immediate testing. Weighing less than 12 ounces, the SmartECG conveniently integrates diagnostic testing right at the point of care.

The SmartECG is used hand-in-hand with any PC or table and draws power from the device it is connected to, thus eliminating the need for batteries. With this, you can turn any computer into a full-functioning ECG machine in no time. While plugged in, obtain up to 12-channels worth of high-resolution data that you can also easily save and manage.

Hardworking Software The SmartECG may seem like a simplistic device. However, it can perform essential complex tasks and yield real-time results with the Office Medic Software. With the software, reports are customizable such that you can also evaluate and zoom into data with electronic calipers, insert remarks, and even modify the interpretation before finalizing the test’s findings.

The Office Medic also allows for seamless, secured data storage with ECG reports transferable to PDF, JPEG, and TIFF formats. Test data are also stored instantly in the computer and allows database access from virtually anywhere while integrating your EMR’s via PDFs and JPEGs. On top of that, you can choose among these languages when working: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Room for More What's best about the SmartECG is that you can upgrade it further with the VectraplexECG Software and gain access to The Cardiac Electrical Biomarker, or CEB. The CEB is a color coded index number measuring the cardiac electric field’s degree of di-polarity. This can detect ECG changes which may indicate the possibility of a heart attack. It is a smart technology that allows for a better diagnosis of a particular case.

Vectracor’s Universal SmartECG 12-Channel ECG is an upgrade to existing point-of-care ECG testing standards and boasts accessibility and mobility while providing accurate results while meeting the standards in a very delicate field of testing.

  • (1) Universal SmartECG 12-Channel ECG
  • (100) QRS Resting ECG Tab Electrodes
  • (10) Sure-Lock Snap & Tab Electrode Adapters
  • (1) Lead Placement Guide
  • (1) Office Medic software or Vectraplex ECG software
  • Item# Z-7000-0500
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    QRS Vectracor 'Orbit' PC Based Spirometer
    PC based Spirometry testing.
    A full-function portable spirometer which connects directly to your personal computer, laptop or tablet. Simplifies spirometry testing by eliminating calibration and sterilization with disposable nose-clips and pre-calibrated mouthpieces. Integrates with Office Medic™ software and your EMR system. The pre-calibrated mouthpieces and nose clips are disposable, eliminating the need for sterilization and calibration.

    No batteries required with this device because its power is drawn from the PC. The PC and EMR connectivity allows for unlimited storage space. Comes with (2) Pressure Tubes, (5) Nose Clips, (2) Pre-Calibrated Mouthpieces and Office Medic™ software.

    Language Options: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese.

    All spirometry graphs can be viewed real-time on your computer while our Pocket Medic software simultaneously translates data into the reports you need for diagnosis. Hundreds of test results can be stored for future printing and exporting. Prints on standard copier paper on your printer.

    Range: Flow 14 liters/second. Volume 0-8 liters BTPS

    Performs FVC, pre/post testing, Flow Volume Loop, MVV, SVC, narrative interpretation

    Measuring Time: FVC, up to 30 seconds




    Includes Orbit Spirometer with Windows software (computer not included.) USB connection. Includes 2 disposable mouthpieces, 2 pressure tubes, user's manual, 3 year warranty.
    Item# Z-7000-0101
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    QRS Vectracor Combo EKG and Spirometry Promo!
    Complete PC based office diagnostic system.
    Unbelievable value! The total QRS Office Medic system.

    Includes for EKG: Full narrative interpretation 12 lead EKG Card software, patient cable, tab and snap adapters, user's manual, 40 disposable electrodes, 3 year warranty.

    Includes for Spirometry: Spiro Orbit software, FVC, Flow Volume Loop, pre/post testing, MVV, SVC, narrative interpretation, 2 disposable mouthpieces, 2 pressure tubes, user's manual, 3 year warranty.

    Promo now includes 100 free spirometry mouthpieces!
    Item# 790009-01
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    Use your PC to record EKG, Spirometry and Ambulatory BP. See bottom of this page for computer requirements.

    QRS Diagnostics.
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