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New! MAC1600 EKG Machine

  • New! MAC1600 EKG Machine
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Product Description

A high-end EKG machine at a mid-range price. The MAC1600 delivers hospital quality service for the office, clinic or research.

Advanced Marquette Hookup Advisor ensures ECG signal quality from the start. The exclusive GE algorithm goes beyond simple electrical checks to advise clinicians of poor waveform quality.

One touch operation. Marquette 12SL interpretation program is standard.

Communication capability and flash card 100 patient storage available as options.

Stress capability option available.

SPECIAL PROMO: Full EMR Package includes MAC1600, interpretation, memory storage card, LAN communication, and CardioSoft Client software to convert results into pdf format for attachment to you Electronic Medical Record. system.

LAN communication for use with CardioSoft archiving computer software. Inquire for all communication options.


Includes all accessories, cord, cables, paper and tab supply, manuals. Three year warranty.

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