CRITICARE eQuality 506DN Monitor for BP and Pulse Ox
The eQuality™ 506DN is the monitor for everyone. An affordable vital signs monitor with features for both spot-checks and continuous monitoring of NIBP and Pulse Ox.

With a lightweight design, the 506DN is designed for ease of use and mobility and attaches quickly to a roll stand.

The 506DN’s compact design allows ready adaptation to hospital, clinic and transport requirements.

From $1445.00 for BP and Pulse Ox.
CRITICARE VitalCare 506DNP3 Gemini Monitor BP, Pulse Ox and Temp
Spot-check or continuously monitor three critical parameters with a single monitor. Designed to travel everywhere you do, the VitalCareTM 506DNP3 Series with integrated carrying handle attaches quickly and easily to roll stands.

Available in multiple configurations, the VitalCare provides maximum versatility and cost-effectiveness.

Smart battery management allows up to 100 non-invasive blood pressure measurements on a single battery charge. With a compact design that is easily set up for spot-checks or continuous monitoring, the monitor adapts readily to hospital, clinic and transport requirements.
Roll Stand with Basket for CRITICARE Monitors
Roll Stand with Basket for CRITICARE Monitors.

Locking plate for stability and security. Quality 5-caster design.

Fits all Criticare models