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Compact Flash Card for IQMark Holter
Flash card for recorder.
Item# 1-370-0002
Regular Price:$189.00
Sale Price:$164.00
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NEW! Midmark Brentwood IQholter System

The IQholter System combines a newly designed, compact digital recorder with three powerful software applications, providing the complete information and analysis you require.

Our three tiers of Holter solutions are specifically designed to meet different practice needs, from family physicians to cardiologists.

New recorder is small and lightweight (2.8 oz.) with well lit display and intuitive keypad. Compact SD flash card. On screen leads and channel ID for speed and simplicity during patient hookup.

IQholter: Easy to use software for for routine monitoring situations. Includes VE runs and pairs, SVE, R on T, ST level and slope, Bigeminy, Tachycardia, Trigeminy, Brady, and more.

IQholterEX: Includes expanded functionality for detailed evaluation. Smart Page Scan, AFib identification, adjustable analysis, arrhthmia templates, QT and QTc analysis and more.

IQholterEP: Includes the features of EX, plus Pacemaker Detection.

IQmanager Workstation Software required (extra).

System includes Holter recorder 5 or 7 lead, 1 AA battery, compact flash card reader, PCMCIA flash adapter, software security key USB version, 4 Holter kits, mouse pad, ops CD, quick guide. One year factory warranty.
Item# nemibriqsy
Regular Price:$6,850.00
Sale Price:$6,490.00
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New IQholter Recorder Only
Recorder only for the new Midmark Brentwood IQholter system.

24 hour 3 channel non-compression data.

Lighted display: verify live ECG tracing, real time clock

Removable 64 MB flash card, patient event button, EMR compatible.

Weighs 2.8 ounces, 3.7 x 2.6 x 1.06 inches, uses 1 AA battery.

Includes recorder, 5 or 7 lead cable, pouch and belt, compact flash card, manual, 4 Holter kits.
Item# 4-000-0119
Regular Price:$2,429.00
Sale Price:$2,159.00
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Secure Memory Card for New IQholter Recorder
Secure Digital flash memory card for new IQholter recorder.
Item# 1-370-0010
Regular Price:$215.00
Sale Price:$189.00
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Cable Leadwires for New IQholter Recorder
Cable leadwires for new IQholter digital recorders, 5 or 7 lead.
Item# 90-30-0205
Regular Price:$389.00
Sale Price:$349.00
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Midmark IQ Holter Prep Kit 5-Lead
IQ Holter kit 5-lead. Each kit contains 1 diary, 2 AA batteries, 1 razor, 1 abrading pad, 1 alcohol wipes, 5 electrodes. 30 kits per case.
Item# 2-100-0081
Regular Price:$332.00
Sale Price:$298.00
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Midmark IQ Holter Prep Kit 7-Lead
IQ Holter kit 7-lead. Each kit contains 1 diary, 2 AA batteries, 1 razor, 1 abrading pad, 1 alcohol wipes, 7 electrodes. 30 kits per case.
Item# 2-100-0091
Regular Price:$363.00
Sale Price:$319.00
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Midmark IQ Holter Electrodes
Midmark IQ Holter electrodes. 50 per box.
Item# 2-100-0060
Regular Price:$52.00
Sale Price:$47.90
Total Price:
Midmark Disposable Holter Pouches
Midmark disposable Holter recorder pouches. 25 per box.
Item# 2-100-0050
Regular Price:$42.00
Sale Price:$38.80
Total Price:
Midmark Reusable Holter Recorder Pouch
Midmark reusable Holter recorder pouch with belt.
Item# 2-100-0051
Regular Price:$37.00
Sale Price:$35.00
Total Price:
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