INRatio Coumadin Testing Monitor

INRatio Coumadin Testing Monitor
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Product Description

Pictured above. The INRatio testing system is becoming the popular way to screen for Prothrombin Time (PT). Rapid test results in less than 2 minutes.

High and low control tests are performed in real time, side by side with the PT test, using the same drop of blood, ensuring reliability for each and every test. No external controls needed!

Simple fingerstick, may use any lancet device you have, then apply the one drop sample onto a test strip.

Test strips do not require refrigeration.

Consistent, reliable results comparable to a central laboratory. Stores up to 60 results in memory.

Powered by AC power adapter or 4 AA alkaline batteries.

Includes INRatio monitor, user's guide, quick reference guide, power supply adapter, 50 lancets, training DVD.

Sold to professionals only.