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EasyOne Plus 'Diagnostic' Spirometer System

  • EasyOne Plus 'Diagnostic' Spirometer System
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The Diagnostic model has all the same features and Print Options as Frontline above, plus it will do Flow Volume Loops. Graphic curve display; reviews curves without waiting for printout.

Diagnostic model meets NIOSH/OSHA and SSD guidelines for occupational and disability testing!

Similar to Frontline system, with advanced features. New cutting edge highly configurable spirometer. Ideal for Allergists, Pulmonologists, Clinics, Hospitals, Occupational Medicine, Pediatric, Internal Medicine and Family Practice.


EasyWare software for EasyOne test results. Transfers data from the EasyOne to your computer for storage and archiving only. Does not perform real-time assessment on screen.

Reported Parameters: FVC, FIVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC%, FEV6, FEV1/FEV6%, FEF25-75, PEF, FET, PIF, MVV, pre-post % change, variability, quality grades.

Tests Performed: FVC, F/V Loop, MVV, Post Medication Comparison.

Predicted Normals: NHANESIII, Knudson, Crapo, Morris, Dockery, Hsu.

Includes Spirometer, cradle, EasyWare software, 10 spirettes, all manuals and accessories.

Uses H-P color inkjet printer

3 year exchange warranty. Overnight no-charge replacement.

#2001-2NP EasyOne Diagnostic without Printer $1549.00

#2001-2P EasyOne Diagnostic with Printer $1699.00

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