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New! Burdick/Mortara Ambulo ABPM with Software

  • New! Burdick/Mortara Ambulo ABPM with Software
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24-Hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring for diagnosis and treatment of hypertensive patients. New technology!

24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system for adults, adolescents and children, offering state-of-the-art innovation, accuracy, and reliability.

Highly Accurate

Validated to stringent clinical accuracy standards including the global ISO 81060-2 and ANSI/AAMI SP-10 standards, as well as the British Hypertension Society’s protocol (Grade A/A).

Trusted Technology

Patented oscillometric technology, along with powerful Microsoft® Windows®-based software, enables comprehensive setup, collection, analysis, and documentation of blood pressure data.

Actigraphy Option

Automatic determination of asleep/awake cycles based on patented technology reduces reliance on diaries, and enables synchronization of before/after studies in clinical review.

Automatic determination of blood pressure limits for pediatric patients based on clinical guidelines.

Full Disclosure

Detailed reporting of blood pressure measurements over the circadian rhythm, as well as all events and errors.

Impressively Comfortable

A compact, lightweight design, combined with gentle linear bleed technology, enables patients to go about their daily activities with comfort and minimal interruption.

Easy and Convenient

Quick, simple connection benefits clinicians and patients. Quiet and smooth operation increases patient compliance and aids in producing accurate measurement results.

Safe and Secure Data Transfer

Mortara Web Upload enables secure and efficient upload of ambulatory blood pressure data from virtually any location. Healthcare and clinical research professionals alike can share and expedite studies using this convenient data transfer tool. Optional - ordered separately.

Includes ABPM software program, 1 ABPM recorder with accessories, 1 Adult cuff, 1 Large Adult cuff.

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