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Zoll Powerheart G5 AED Complete Package

  • Zoll Powerheart G5 AED Complete Package
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Designed for first-time responders as well as experienced rescuers, the Powerheart® G5 automated external defibrillator (AED) combines ease of use with advanced technology. Intellisense™ CPR (ICPR) offers real-time, guideline-driven feedback, while a dual-language feature helps ensure that all rescuers can deliver high-quality CPR to help save the life of a sudden cardiac arrest victim.

Intellisense CPR (ICPR) Technology: ICPR technology provides corrective prompts to help rescuers of all skill levels perform high-quality CPR throughout the entire rescue. ICPR measures and monitors each compression and provides feedback via voice and text to ensure that CPR quality remains within the latest AHA Guidelines.

RescueCoach®: User-paced prompts guide the rescuer step-by-step through the rescue, also providing CPR instruction to promote optimal technique. RescueCoach technology monitors the rescuer’s actions to ensure that they complete each critical task before moving on to the next.

Dual-language Functionality: With a touch of a button, rescuers can toggle to an alternate language at any point in the rescue. Providing rescue prompts and CPR instruction in two languages broadens the scope of potential rescuers. This feature is especially useful for public access AEDs.

Fully automatic G5 unit will deliver a shock automatically when it detects a shockable heart rhythm

AED stores 90 minutes of rescue data, accessible by USB cable or USB memory stick

Rugged design withstands conditions like extreme temperature, high altitudes, and vibration

Non-polarized Intellisense™ defibrillation pads offer a 2-year shelf life

Intellisense® Lithium battery offers a 4-year shelf life

Pediatric capability with Intellisense™ pediatric defibrillation pads (recommended for patients 8 years of age or younger or weighing less than 55 pounds (25kg))

Rescue Ready® indicator shows readiness status of battery, pads, and device

A variety of carry cases also available.

PowerHeart G5 AED ICPR Package, Includes: (1) Set of Adult ICPR Electrode Pads, (1) Intellisense CPR Feedback Device, (1) Intellisense Battery Pack w/ 4 Year Warranty, (1) User Guide and Getting Started Software, (1) Premium Carry Case, (1) USB Data Cable, (1) AED Manager Software, (1) CPR Responder Pack (w/ Mask, Nitrile Gloves, Emergency Shears, Medical Prep Razor, Dry Towel, Antiseptic Towelette, Equipment Towelette, and Biohazard Bag), (1) “AED Equipped” Window/Wall Decal, (1) AED Check Tag, and (1) Physician’s Prescription

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