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Burdick Deluxe ECG Cart

  • Burdick Deluxe ECG Cart
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Heavy duty Burdick EKG cart. (Pictured at Left)

This rugged cart was designed to work in more demanding environments, like hospitals, busy clinics, or situations where the cart is moved over long distances or rough surfaces. + Durable, four-inch diameter all-purpose wheels for ease of mobility. + Flexible, adjustable trays to organize ECG electrodes, thermal paper, patient cables, and other ECG supplies. + Integrated power supply holder and power cord management system. + Enhanced patient cable flexible arm holder system (optional). + Accommodates the Burdick 8500, 8300, and Atria 3000, 3100, and 6100 ECGs.

20 x 16 inch top, 35 inch height.

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