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BCI Capnocheck II Handheld Capnograph
A full featured monitor providing ETCO2, Inspired ETCO2, Respiration Rate, SpO2 and Heart Rate measurements. This highly portable unit is ideal for use in and out of the hospital environment. A back-light feature on the display enables easy viewing in difficult lighting.

Waveforms, numeric values and on-screen trending provided on an easy to read LCD display. Adjustable alarm limits as well as visual and auditory alarm signals.

#8401 Capnograph only

#8400 Capnograph plus Pulse Oximetry with adult sensor

#8400D Capnograph plus Digital Signal Acquisition Pulse Oximetry with adult sensor

Includes monitor, manual, 5 ft. oxim cable, 10 each of airways, filters and sample lines, battery charger, 7.4V lithium-ion battery, protective rubber boot.
Item# 8401
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Sale Price:$2,550.00
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