GE Corometrics 172 Fetal Monitor - Dual/Twin Promo!

GE Corometrics 172 Fetal Monitor - Dual/Twin Promo!
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Product Description

For a limited time buy a dual for the price of a single!

There's No Greater Commitment to Antepartum Care.

Model 172 for dual (twins) monitoring.

Sleek, compact and lightweight fetal monitors for antepartum of fetal heart and uterine activity made with the quality you expect from Corometrics. Wide beam 9-crystal Nautilus watertight ultrasound transducers provide the fetal heart rate and acquire the signal easily and quickly. Watertight Nautilus tocotransducers are flat for comfort and easy to clean.

Fetal high/low threshold alarms Heart rate offset on twins monitors clearly separates heart rates Heartbeat Coincidence on twins monitor to be sure you are not monitoring the same fetus twice Fetal Movement Detection option monitors gross fetal movements and automatically records them on the strip chart paper Large LED's for ease of use Independent volume controls with twins monitors Standard Z-fold paper Two (2) Standard RS232 interfaces for CIS and NIBP Allows ambulatory monitoring with the Corometrics 340 telemetry interface Unique Fetal Acoustic Stimulator interface to automatically annotate the strip when generating a vibro-acoustic pulse during an NST