BioStress Computer-Based Stress System

BioStress Computer-Based Stress System
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Product Description

Use your own computer to create a sophisticated stress-test system. Advanced Biosensor's compact BioStress 2000 is a software-driven 12-lead resting ECG and Stress system.

The BioStress 2000 software program is easy to use and facilitates real-time ECG viewing, permanent ECG storage and retrieval. Comprehensive ECG reports can be instantly printed on virtually any printer.

Software flexibility allows a wide range of selective Stress parameters and protocols. Chart speed, Gain and ST measurement points are all adjustable. Treadmill speed and elevation can be manually or automatically controlled. The informative main screen displays ST deviations, ST trends, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure along with real-time ECG. Data is easily visualized, thereby enhancing the evaluation of a patient's condition during Stress testing; Many other features.

Minimum requirements: Windows 95 or higher; RS232 serial interface; VGA 800 x 600 monitor.

Includes BioStress ECG and Stress software package only (without treadmill); resting ECG cable; stress patient cable; keyboard cable adapter; stress pouch and belt; all manuals. One year warranty.


Self calibrating Trackmaster treadmill pictured above with safety handrails and emergency stop switch. Heavy duty performance.
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4-castered two-shelf cart designed for BioStress system.
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Complete Stress and ECG package with BioStress software, Trackmaster treadmill and deluxe workstation cart, as specified above.
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