Zoll M Series Basic Manual Defibrillator
ZOLL® M Series® defibrillators are a family of products to meet your clinical needs from BLS to ALS. Products range from AED and advisory defibrillators to manual units and Critical CareTransport (CCT) units. Thanks to the consistency built into each and every defibrillator unit, you train once and use everywhere. Standardization has never been so easy.

Built with Patients and Users in Mind

The smallest, lightest, brightest defibrillator unit in its class makes for easy handling and optimal viewing while the built-in AC power and battery charger doesn’t add size or weight.

The ZOLL Uniform Operating System features consistent, straightforward controls; intuitive menus lessen training costs, minimize operator confusion, and reduce the chance for error.

ZOLL’s proprietary Rectilinear BiphasicTM waveform with its lower energy and current and the 40-msec Rectilinear Pacing waveform provides superior efficacy while optimizing patient safety.

ZOLL’s patented external Pacing offers superior capture at lower mean thresholds, reducing muscle artifact and ensuring more patient comfort and better patient tolerance. Offers defibrillator event documentation via internal memory, as well as removable PCMIA cards for easy data transfer and archiving. Coupled with CodeNet®, ZOLL’s unique PDA-based data management system, the M Series communication capability makes record keeping a breeze.

A wide variety of defibrillator electrodes and paddles are designed to meet your every need, and pre-connection capability and common connectors help reduce stress in critical situations.

Includes defib with recorder and printer, 3-lead ECG, cable, pack of paper, rechargeable battery, AC cord, Code Markers, CD manual.
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Zoll M-Series BLS AED Defib
The M Series® AED provides resuscitation capability in a rugged and upgradeable unit.

Semi-automatic and manual defibrillation, integrated AC or DC power, multiple application printer, “best-of-class” SpO2, 12-Lead ECG, and EtCO2, all available in an amazingly lightweight unit.

The smallest, lightest, brightest defibrillator with semi-automatic and manual defibrillation that meets all needs for BLS and ALS.

Rugged, easy-to-use, straightforward controls, high contrast display, user configurable voice and visual prompts, and Error Correction.

Proven superior clinical performance with patented ZOLL external pacing and the new ZOLL low energy Rectilinear Biphasic Defibrillation Waveform.

Complete documentation with multiple application printer, easy-to-use code markers and a standard PC data card. Download to ZOLL CodeNet® software for analysis.

Includes AED and AC power cord, accessories.
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Zoll M-Series ACLS Manual/Advisory/NIBP Defib
M Series® Defibrillators with integrated non-invasive blood pressure provide accurate readings in a semi-automatic and manual modes.

Combined with optional Sp02, 12-Lead ECG, and EtC02 monitoring, the M Series defibrillator monitor with NIBP is the easiest to use total resuscitation device.

Comprehensive, accurate vital sign measurements combined with full resuscitation capabilities.

Single, stat, or fully automated functions provide critical blood pressure measurement for rapid patient assessment, continuous readings, and drug titration.

Rapid 30-second (typical) measurement cycle with sophisticated noise and motion filtering capabilities to enhance accuracy.

All measurements are stored and easily recalled to provide an immediate on-screen measurement log as well as printed vital sign and code marker summary information.

Includes defib and accessories.
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Zoll Stat-padz HVP Multifunction Defib Electrode
ZOLL stat•padz® are the fastest, easiest-to-use multi-function electrodes optimized for emergency resuscitation situations. Unique ZOLL features save life-saving seconds and maximize efficacy.

20-24 month shelf life. 1 pair per pack.

Can be used with the M, E, R series only.

Buy individually or by the case of 12 pair.
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Zoll Stat-padz II Defib Electrodes
ZOLL stat•padz are the fastest, easiest-to-use Multi-Function Electrodes optimized for emergency resuscitation situations.

Unique ZOLL features save life-saving seconds and maximize efficacy: • Preconnect™ saves critical application time • Speed Pack™ reduces cord tangles and fumbling • Anatomically correct diagrams facilitate proper pad placement • Improved polymer gel enhances lateral conductivity; results in less skin effects • Center energy feed distributes energy uniformly; reduces edge effect • Gel sponge backing promotes better skin coupling • Differentiated round front and rectangular back pads are diagramed to facilitat proper pad placement

Can be used with M, E, R series and AEDPlus, AEDPro

9-12 month shelf life. 2 per pack.
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Zoll Pedi-padz II Defib Electrodes
pedi•padz II electrodes are designed especially for use with the AED Plus and AED Pro, and are also compatible with the M Series defibrillator ®, allowing continuity of care*.

The AED Plus does not rely on a resistor or other hardware in the wires to reduce delivered energy. Anatomical diagrams on the package facilitate proper pad placement.

20-24 month shelf life. 2 per pack.
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