GE Marquette Patient Cables, Leadwires and Connectors

Patient Cable for MAC1200 EKG
Patient cable only, for MAC1200 EKG. No leadwires or connectors included.
Item# 22341809
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Sale Price:$239.00
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Leadwire Set for MAC1200 EKG
Set of ten leadwires for use with the 22341809 MAC1200 patient cable. End plug connectors not included.
Item# 420101-002
Regular Price:$329.00
Sale Price:$268.00
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Twist/Plug Banana Connectors
Leadwire connectors for GE leadwires CAM14 system. Twist connect into 420101-002 leadwires, with banana plug termination. Individual lead markers.
Item# 900178-001
Regular Price:$169.00
Sale Price:$142.00
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Universal Clip Adaptors
Uni-Clip 'alligator clips' have a unique wide-body, wide-mouth design that prevents slippage. Slides on to all banana style plugs for use with all tab electrodes. Individual lead markers. Larger contact area for better grip. Set of 10.
Item# NIK-20
Regular Price:$39.00
Sale Price:$28.90
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Twist/Plug Alligator Connectors
Connector set for use with 420101-002 leadwires. Twist plug connect to CAM 14 leadwire. Terminates in alligator clip for use with tab electrodes. Marked lead indicators. Set of 10.
Item# 900178-002
Regular Price:$189.00
Sale Price:$164.00
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Twist/Plug Grabber Connectors
Leadwire connector for use with 420101-002 leadwires. Twist/plug connect to CAM 14 leadwire. Terminates in pinch/grabber for use with snap electrodes. Marked lead indicators. 10 per set.
Item# 900178-003
Regular Price:$289.00
Sale Price:$249.00
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