QRS Diagnostics Orbit PC Based Spirometer

  • QRS Diagnostics Orbit PC Based Spirometer
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A full-function portable spirometer which connects directly to your personal computer, laptop or tablet. Simplifies spirometry testing by eliminating calibration and sterilization with disposable nose-clips and pre-calibrated mouthpieces. Integrates with Office Medic™ software and your EMR system. The pre-calibrated mouthpieces and nose clips are disposable, eliminating the need for sterilization and calibration.

No batteries required with this device because its power is drawn from the PC. The PC and EMR connectivity allows for unlimited storage space. Comes with (2) Pressure Tubes, (5) Nose Clips, (2) Pre-Calibrated Mouthpieces and Office Medic™ software.

All spirometry graphs can be viewed real-time on your computer while our Pocket Medic software simultaneously translates data into the reports you need for diagnosis. Hundreds of test results can be stored for future printing and exporting. Prints on standard copier paper on your printer.

Range: Flow 14 liters/second. Volume 0-8 liters BTPS

Performs FVC, pre/post testing, Flow Volume Loop, MVV, SVC, narrative interpretation

Measuring Time: FVC, up to 30 seconds

Includes SpiroCard PC card with Windows (computer not included.) Includes 2 disposable mouthpieces, 2 pressure tubes, user's manual, 3 year warranty.