Quinton Q-Stress System with Treadmill

  • Quinton Q-Stress System with Treadmill
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The Quinton Q-Stress is the hospital industry's gold standard.

The PC-based cardiac stress system, winner of multiple awards (most recently Frost & Sullivan's Market Engineering Award) is now in its ninth generation.

NEW! – now Q-Stress is HL7 and DICOM compatible! Q-Stress has the flexibility to connect to your Healthcare IT systems in the way that works best for you to enhance your clinical workflow.

Q-Stress is designed with you in mind. Its easy-to-learn left-to-right workflow and simple-to-understand icons and intuitive controls guide technicians through the stress test. Busy stress labs use QuikLists to enter comments quickly and efficiently.

Robust network connectivity – DICOM or HL7 connects with virtually everything needed for enhanced workflow. It's compatible with your echo system, nuclear camera, EMR, HIS, PACs and other healthcare IT systems; e.g., GE MUSE.

Full disclosure reports; allows you to save the whole exam and review it at any time by exporting to your electronic medical record (EMR) system or hospital information system (HIS).

In-test review of stress testing data that includes "rewind" and "freeze frame" capabilities (both industry firsts) while still viewing the live test. Ectopic capture and display for heartbeats outside the sinoatrial node.

Fully customizable panel display, plus the flexibility to add your own user-defined protocols.

Risk scoring, procedural re-analysis, and extensive report formatting options.

Warranty: 13-Month parts and labor.


Networking - The Quinton Q-Stress connects with virtually everything you need for enhanced workflow and maximum disclosure reports, including your HIS/EMR, email, printer, network storage, nuclear camera, and echo system.

Thermal self-contained printer or laser standalone printer.

Q-Exchange – This option enables the import of patient demographics, billing and procedure codes into Q-Stress. Recent enhancements to Q-Exchange include bi-directional communication and an increased amount of data Q-Stress can send and receive.

Risk Scoring - Include a patient's risk score based on the Duke, Framingham, and Functional Aerobic Impairment (FAI) indices with our risk-scoring option. Automatic risk scores provide additional prognostic data to clinicians and are easily added to the final report.

Full Disclosure - With the full disclosure option, you can capture and review every beat for absolute clinical confidence. Save an entire test as a PDF and send it to your desktop, to your network, and to your EMR for storage and remote viewing.

Freeze Frame - The Freeze Frame option provides you an 'instant replay' of any waveform during the test. You can “freeze” any ten-second ECG strip and compare it with “live” ECG tracings. Q-Stress prints side-by-side comparison reports, too.

Re-Analysis - With re-analysis, technicians can review a complete test after the procedure has ended. The built-in analysis tools allow modification of the original iso-electric points, J points, and timing to adjust for new patient data or to compensate for physiological changes during the test. Individual and multiple leads can be reanalyzed using new iso-electric points for a “Holter-like” review.

SunTech Tango+ - Specifically designed for use in treadmill, bicycle (ergometer), and pharmacological stress testing, the Tango+ reliably monitors blood pressure allowing you to focus on your patient. Add the SpO2 measurement option to make your stress ECG system a complete and seamless diagnostic test center. Available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese.


Q40-1AEHLM01: Basic Q-Stress system with networking, Freeze Frame, Risk Scoring, thermal printer and TM55 treadmill

Q40-1AFDM01: Advanced Q-Stress system with networking, Advanced Software Options Kit (Full Disclosure, Re-analysis, Freeze Frame, Risk Scoring), thermal printer and treadmill

All systems include premium stress cart, all accessories, cables and TM55 treadmill.

Additional shipping charge may apply.