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GE MARQUETTE EKG MACHINES Choose from Marquette / GE Medical portable EKG units like the MAC 1200, or more advanced systems such as the MAC 5500, the MAC 1600, and the new MAC 2000

All machines complete with accessories, cords, cable and leadwires, manuals, paper and tab supply.

GE MAC 2000 EKG Machine
Your busy practice needs simple solutions. Equipment that simply works, every time. Technology that delivers clear, accurate data in simple ways. Intuitive tools that are simple to use. And support you can count on without question.

And smart. The new MAC* 2000 from GE Healthcare helps the clinician make a fast and accurate diagnosis with the power of the Marquette* 12SL analysis program. It’s the proven† diagnostic support you need to help avoid variations in care throughout your healthcare system.


Workflow enhancements with connectivity to EMRs, CS Diagnostic System and the MUSE* ECG Management systems, or send reports to a shared directory on a PC Connectivity with LAN, Wi-Fi, serial port, modem, or SD card PDF and XML export capabilities Marquette* 12SL* ECG analysis program for clinical decision support Supports paperless workflow with options for bidirectional communication, including an option for orders Easy-to-read 7" color display is configurable to meet your needs On-screen preview of 12-lead waveforms and ECG results helps streamline review and diagnosis Automatic capture of 10-second ECGs with one-touch operation Hookup Advisor* signal quality Analysis Program Internal storage for up to 200 ECGs Gender-specific interpretation provides improved sensitivity to Acute Myocardial Infarction in women.

Marquette* ECG Analysis Programs are a preferred choice in a variety of care settings and industries, including hospitals, clinics, physician offices, and clinical research organizations (CROs). Marquette Hookup Advisor* Signal Quality Analysis Program makes our world-renowned ECG analysis program even better. This software reviews and measures ECG waveforms for signs of artifact and interference, advising clinicians of poor waveform quality during ECG recordings Marquette 12SL* ECG Analysis Program for adults and pediatrics is one of the industry’s most thoroughly documented, simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition analysis programs (Optional for the MAC 1600) 12SL with Gender-Specific Interpretation features criteria that help you more easily detect acute myocardial infarction (MI) in female patients, enhancing diagnostic confidence Auto-arrhythmia Detection maximizes rhythm capabilities and minimizes paper consumption and over read time.

3 year factory parts and labor warranty

Includes MAC 2000 EKG Machine, all cords, cable and leadwires, clip adapters, supply pack, manuals.
Regular Price: $3,850.00
Sale Price: $3,090.00
Product # 2063587-001-508514
MAC 1200-Plus EKG Machine - Special Purchase Demo!

We made a special purchase of gently used demo units from GE. All the features of a new MAC 1200-Plus at a special discounted price. 20 month factory warranty.

Includes all accessories, cord, cable and leadwires, manuals, paper and tab supply
Regular Price: $3,895.00
Sale Price: $1,685.00
Product # MAC1200-Demo
New! MAC1600 EKG Machine
A high-end EKG machine at a mid-range price. The MAC1600 delivers hospital quality service for the office, clinic or research.

Advanced Marquette Hookup Advisor ensures ECG signal quality from the start. The exclusive GE algorithm goes beyond simple electrical checks to advise clinicians of poor waveform quality.

One touch operation. Marquette 12SL interpretation program is standard.

Communication capability and flash card 100 patient storage available as options.

Stress capability option available.

SPECIAL PROMO: Full EMR Package includes MAC1600, interpretation, memory storage card, LAN communication, and CardioSoft Client software to convert results into pdf format for attachment to you Electronic Medical Record. system.

LAN communication for use with CardioSoft archiving computer software. Inquire for all communication options.


Includes all accessories, cord, cables, paper and tab supply, manuals. Three year warranty.
Product # MAC1600
Mac 5500HD Premium EKG System

Built on GE innovation in ECG acquisition and analysis, the MAC 5500 HD Resting ECG System is a premier ECG system, delivering advanced disease management capabilities through one of the industry-leading collections of algorithms and advanced networking.

The MAC 5500 HD represents a new definition of ECG speed and accuracy, and offers: •Better triaging tools for Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) detection •Configurable Critical Values to help speed time to treatment •More accurate pacemaker detection for advanced interpretation of paced rhythms •Enhanced barcode workflow, with orders and ADT download capability, work together to help improve efficiency across the enterprise •Connected ECG Workflow to help save time and avoid costly misdiagnoses

The MAC 5500 HD also meets the need for productivity across the enterprise, by empowering a wide range of users to precisely capture, analyze, and communicate ECG data. All to ensure the right data goes with the right patient to help reduce demographic and billing errors, and speed time to treatment.

Full alphanumeric liquid-tight keyboard minimizes cleanup. 3.5 inch, high-density floppy disk drive is incorporated into the design for data storage. Wide active matrix display screen increases viewing angles for greater user convenience. Marquette 12SL interpretation program. Color display. 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Pricing available for non-hospital customers only.

•Marquette* 12SL* ECG Analysis Program for adults and pediatrics is one of the industry’s most thoroughly documented, simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition analysis programs •Hookup Advisor* signal quality Analysis Program makes our world-renowned ECG analysis program even better. This software reviews and measures ECG waveforms for signs of artifact and interference, advising clinicians of poor waveform quality during ECG recordings •12SL with Gender-Specific Interpretation features criteria that help you more easily detect acute myocardial infarction (MI) in female patients, enhancing diagnostic confidence •QT Analysis helps clinicians accurately detect and measure the QT segment, helping to reduce their patients’ risk of sudden cardiac death •Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) Analysis option assists the physician in the ECG assessment of a patient suspected of having ACS and provides additional diagnostic statements, which identify specific lead sets where signs of ACS may be present •The Critical Values feature enables onscreen and printed notification of critical ECG results to enable easy identification and accelerated reporting of critical values •12SL with ACI-TIPI (Acute Cardiac Ischemia Time-Insensitive Predictive Instrument) considers a patient’s age, gender, and chief complaint, as well as ECG measurements, to generate a numerical score that helps predict the probability of acute cardiac ischemia •Simultaneous 15-lead acquisition, storage, and assessment provides additional ST measurements for the detection of changes that occur in some non-diagnostic 12-lead cases to facilitate the prompt detection of right ventricular and posterior MI •P-Wave Signal Averaging option for atrial arrhythmia assessment features a patented templating algorithm that enhances P-wave measurement accuracy •Hi-Res Late Potential Analysis option supports ventricular arrhythmia assessment, with an intuitive design that creates a practical, non-invasive alternative to involved invasive testing •High Definition Pacemaker-Detection Software improves the ability to accurately detect the presence of pacemaker spikes along with adding the capability to detect and report the underlying rhythm •Serial ECG Program, through the MUSE Cardiology Information System, leverages the Marquette 12SL ECG Analysis Program and analyze both short and long-term changes in patients’ ECGs

Includes EKG, all cables and leadwires, power cord, accessories, manuals, paper and tab supply.
Product # 2053900-013
MAC 3500 EKG Machine

Ideal for advanced 12-lead resting ECG analysis, the new MAC 3500 offers GE's clinically proven Marquette ECG analysis programs in a reliable unit.

Easy to read color screen displays 12 leads at a time

Marquette 12SL ECG simultaneous 12-lead ECG analysis program for adults and pediatrics

12SL with Gender-Specific interpretation makes detecting AMI in women easier

Marquette Hook-up Advisor signal quality analysis program reduces poor waveform quality during ECG recording

Barcode and magnetic card reader helps prevent errors and automate data input and patient identification

Communication package links to GE MUSE information system

Includes all cables, leadwires, cord, clip adapters, manual, paper and tab supply. 1 year onsite parts and labor warranty.

Monochrome screen no longer available
Product # MAC35
New! MAC 800 EKG Machine


Powerful, proven technology for diagnostic confidence. The MAC 800 enhances diagnostic confidence through the globally recognized and proven Marquette 12SL analysis program.

• Marquette 12SL empowers you with comprehensive computer-interpreted analysis of adult and pediatric populations for fast, confident ECG readings.

• Hookup Advisor™ is an exclusive GE Healthcare feature that ensures ECG signal quality by informing clinicians if there is poor waveform quality during ECG recording.

• Acute Cardiac Ischemia Time-Intensive Predictive Instrument (ACI-TIPI), which is included in the Marquette 12SL program, promotes diagnostic accuracy by predicting the probability of cardiac ischemia, as well as factoring in gender-specific criteria to help physicians more readily diagnose heart abnormalities in women.

The MAC 800 enables healthcare providers to connect the hearts of patients to the minds of physicians with accurate and reliable ECG information for a faster, more confident diagnosis.

The MAC 800 gives you the power of easy-to-use, advanced ECG technology, multiple ways to store and send data, and the proven GE Marquette 12SL ECG analysis program. Connected – Portable – Advanced Technology

Convenient pull out handle for portability, 4.5 inch strip chart paper printing.


MAC800-AAXAAB-XXAXXX: includes interpretation

MAC800-AAXAAB-AXAXXX: Includes interpretation and internal memory storage for 300 ECGs

MAC800-BAXAAB-AXAXXH: Includes interpretation and internal memory, LAN communication

COMPLETE EMR PACKAGE: MAC800 with interpretation, internal memory, LAN communication, CardioSoft Client software with pdf and Word export to Electronic Medical Records

All units include color screen, all accessories, SD removable flash card memory, manuals, cable and leadfwires.
Product # MAC 800-
GE Mobile Trolley Cart for All MAC EKG Systems
New GE MAC trolley consolidates all previous MAC carts. Mobile trolley system designed to provide mobility for all GE MAC resting ECG systems, including MAC 1200, 1600, 3500, 5500.

Shelf height: 37 inches (flat shelf)

Width: 19 inches

Depth: 27 inches

Weight: 66 pounds

Includes acquisition cable arm, front and rear bins. (EKG machine not included.)
Regular Price: $995.00
Sale Price: $968.00
Product # 2055478-001
GE MAC1600 Trolley Cart
Designed to provide mobility for MAC 1600 EKG system. Angled mounting surface for enhanced viewing of MAC 1600 display. Compatible with MAC 1600 only.

Pictured with optional front and rear bins, cable arm. EKG not included.

Height: 41 inches (angled shelf)

Depth: 27 inches

Width: 19 inches

Weight: 53 pounds

Basic cart includes angled shelf only. Bins and cable arm optional.
Product # 2055853-001
GE MAC1200 EKG - Parts Machine
Minor flaws with almost all parts intact. Very good condition.

3 in stock
Genuine GE accessories, cables, leadwires and other products.
GE Marquette Patient Cables, Leadwires and Connectors
GE Marquette CAM-14 Acquisition Module
Chart paper for all MAC series EKG machines and other equipment.
9402-020 Generic GE Marquette Paper
9402-024 Generic GE Marquette Paper
22616606 GE Marquette Paper for MAC 1200 and 1600
9402-061 GE Marquette Paper for MAC1200 and 1600
9402-020 GE Marquette Label Chart Paper
9402-024 GE Marquette Label Chart Paper
9402-034 GE Marquette Archivist Paper
9402-037 GE Marquette Archivist Paper
22616802 GE Marquette Paper Rolls for MAC 500
9402-046 GE Marquette Paper for DASH Monitor
089100 GE Marquette Roll Paper for DINAMAP and CARESCAPE
9402-023 GE Marquette Paper for MAC PC
4305CAO Fetal Monitor Paper
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MAC 1200-Plus, EKG Machine - Special Promo
A full-featured EKG machine with measurements and interpretation built-in. Utilizes exclusive Marquette 12SL ECG analysis program.

12 lead EKG with a full sized 8.5 x 11 inch paper format and alphanumeric keyboard - Patient info prints right out on the EKG. Program upgradeability ensures non-obsolescence, protecting your investment.

Preview LCD screen for EKG viewing

Plug in power and rechargeable internal NiCad battery standard

Weighs 12 pounds

Copy function

Includes all accessories, cord, cable and leadwires, manuals, paper and tab supply. Three year factory warranty - new equipment.


MAC1200 Plus with interpretation

Limited Time Offer!!

List Price: $3,895.00
Cardiology Shop Price: $3,485.00
Product # MAC 1200 Plus
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