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BCI SpectrO2 Pulse Oximeter - New!
Affordable, dependable and easy to use, the SPECTRO2™ 10 Pulse Oximeter is a low cost, spot-check device displaying SpO2, pulse rate, signal strength and Pulse amplitude Index (PI). This device delivers reliable performance, meeting the needs of health care providers in primary care environments. Its unique optional accessories allow clinicians to customize a solution to meet the needs of virtually any clinical environment.

Product Features Large, bright, easy-to-read LED for at-a-glance assessment Unique on-board cradle to store and protect finger sensor Multiple power options Compatible with Docking Station, Attachable Printer, and BCI® spot-check sensor Pulse amplitude Index (PI) Low battery indicator uses 4 AA batteries Product Benefits Durable, reliable performance you expect from the BCI® brand Comfortable ergonomic design allows easy one-handed operation Optional printer eliminates possible documentation errors Stores patient data for transfer to PC for improved efficiency and documentation Three-year warranty
Regular Price: $475.00
Sale Price: $369.00
Product # WW1000A1EN
BCI 3301 Pulse Oximeter
A high-performance hand-held oximeter in an easy-to-use, transportable unit that weighs just 16.5 ounces and is ergonomically designed to fit conveniently in your hand. Fast, reliable SpO2 and pulse rate on any patient, neonatal to adult. Bright LED numerals, quantitative pulse strentgh bar, artifact-correcting software, memory feature. Powered by 3 C-cell batteries. Includes monitor, operator/service manual, adult reusable oximetry finger probe, batteries. Two year parts and labor warranty.
Regular Price: $725.00
Sale Price: $545.00
Product # 3301
BCI Autocorr Digital Pulse Oximeter
New digital technology from BCI. Instead of relying on a voltage threshold to determine a pulse, BCI's latest technology analyzes a digitized signal at a rate of 120 times per second (serial autocorrelation)and compares it to previous pulse data. Adaptable to clinical, home and sleep environments. Internal rechargeable battery and plug-in power. Real time or trend printouts available when used with computer or printer. Measures SpO2, pulse rate and pulse strength. Available with LOUD alarm. Includes monitor, adult reusable sensor, manuals. Two year warranty.
Regular Price: $1,550.00
Sale Price: $1,395.00
Product # 3304
Smith's BCI Mini-Torr Patient Monitor
Smith's Medical BCI presents the Mini-Torr Patient Monitor.

The Noninvasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) platform allows you to add the options you want. Choose from Pulse Oximetry, SureTemp oral thermometry, and an integrated printer.

Its combination of reliability and flexibility makes the Mini-Torr Plus a practical starting point for continuous monitoring. Includes alarms.


Includes internal rechargeable battery, adult cuff; also oral temp probe, printer rolls and adult finger ox sensor as needed. Two year factory warranty.
Regular Price: $2,995.00
Sale Price: $2,675.00
Product # 6004-001
BCI Universal Oximetry Sensor
Reusable universal finger clip sensor, comes standard with BCI oximeters.
Regular Price: $235.00
Sale Price: $209.00
Product # 3044
BCI Reusable Wrap Oximetry Sensors
Reusable 'wrap' style sensors for a variety of patients. Y style for children and adults, smaller wrap for infant and neonate.
Regular Price: $160.00
Sale Price: $144.00
BCI Disposable Oximetry Sensors - Adult
Disposable adult oximetry sensors for all BCI oximeters. 10 sensors per box.
Regular Price: $229.00
Sale Price: $165.00
Product # 1300
BCI Ear Oximetry Sensor
Ear clip probe, with over-ear support. Reusable.
Regular Price: $190.00
Sale Price: $173.00
Product # 3078
BCI Disposable Oximetry Sensors
Disposable finger oximetry sensors, 10 per box. Y style wrap in the 1300 and 1301, smaller bandage wrap in the 1302 and 1303. Priced by the box.
Regular Price: $175.00
Sale Price: $155.00
Carrying case for 3301 oximeter, with belt clip/shoulder strap.
Product # 3315
Carrying case for 3303 oximeter, with belt clip/shoulder strap.
Product # 3322
Carrying case for 3401 oximeter, with belt clip/shoulder strap.
Product # 3415
Protective rubber boot for 3301 oximeter with carrying strap.
Product # 3318
5 foot extension cable for any BCI oximeter.
Product # 3311
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